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Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department


L K Patil

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        The profession of Mechanical Engineering, second largest among engineering disciplines, involves the design, analysis, and manufacturing of machines. Central to the profession is the importance of innovation and creating new technologies and products. Mechanical engineers work in teams involved in designing jet engines; automobiles; aircrafts and spacecrafts; microelectromachanical acceleration and pressure sensors; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems; biomedical and biomechanical devices as artificial hip implants; and such integrated mechanical and electronic (mechatronic) systems as robots.

Mechanical engineers are employed by small start-ups, multinational corporations, government agencies, national laboratories, consulting firms, and universities. They can work in areas of research, design, manufacturing, sales, quality assurance or management.

Job opportunities

Graduates in Mechanical Engineering will find employment opportunities in the diversified branches of the mechanical field. Mechanical engineers are employed in many types of manufacturing, fabrication, research and development, and service industries such as Railways, Aviation, Automobile Industry, Power plants, Manufacturing Industries e.g. Materials, refined metals etc.


 “To achieve excellence in imparting technical education and to train students with involvement of industries”


1. Improving institute- industry interaction.

2.Organising workshops/ seminars.

3.Achieving excellence  in  teaching.